NPV vs NPIV getting the terms straight

There are a lot of new TLAs beeing bandied about in the networking world lately. The Data Center convergence brings new Fiber Channel and networking terms to describe what is being done and where it happens. I recently debated with a good friend about the proper use of NPV. He didnt even think the term existed. Ironically, I used link he provided me to prove my case.

First the link he provided:

Now the text from the link:
  Cisco NX-OS software supports industry-standard N port identifier virtualization (NPIV), which allows multiple N port fabric logins concurrently on a single physical Fibre Channel link. HBAs that support NPIV can help improve SAN security by enabling zoning and port security to be configured independently for each virtual machine (OS partition) on a host. In addition to being useful for server connections, NPIV is beneficial for connectivity between core and edge SAN switches.N port virtualizer (NPV) is a complementary feature that reduces the number of Fibre Channel domain IDs in core-edge SANs. Cisco MDS 9000 family fabric switches operating in the NPV mode do not join a fabric; they only pass traffic between core switch links and end devices, which eliminates the domain IDs for these switches. NPIV is used by edge switches in the NPV mode to log in to multiple end devices that share a link to the core switch. This feature is available only for Cisco MDS Blade Switch Series, the Cisco MDS 9124 Multilayer Fabric Switch, and the Cisco MDS 9134 Multilayer Fabric Switch.

My simplification of the above text is this, it depends on what you are indending to refer to:
If you are in a conversation about interoperability issues between different FC vendors and ways to get around them, then NPV is appropriate.  NPV is required on a switch if you are going to use NPIV. NPV is what allows the switch to behave like an HBA to the Fabric It provides the ability to use NPIV, i.e. to virtualize all the FCoE CNAs that are attached to the switch. If you are talking about the feature that HBAs need to use NPV then NPIV is your go to term. 

To reframe it in familiar networking terms think of it as: trunking is to 801.q as NPV is to NPIV.

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